Ceramic Handle

As a manufacturer of ceramic furniture handles, our ceramic furniture handles are delicate and silky to the touch, stylish and elegant, with a strong sense of luster. Its rich colors are suitable for decorating personalized home. And the ceramic handle has good corrosion resistance and strong acid and alkali resistance, suitable for use in the kitchen

Ceramic Furniture Handle L835/L8068

Furniture Handles for Sliding Door Dresser Drawer Closet

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Ceramic Furniture Handle L8070

Antique Bronze 128mm Ceramic Drawer Handle

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Ceramic Furniture Handle L831

Corrosion Resistant Traditional Porcelain Furniture Cabinet Handle

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Ceramic Furniture Handle L574

Acid and alkali resistant strong and colorfast furniture cabinet handle

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Ceramic Furniture Handle L8071

smooth shiny ceramic furniture drawer handle

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Ceramic Furniture Handle L8040

Fashionable and lustrous ceramic furniture drawer handle

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ceramic Furniture handle l8080

Ceramic cabinet handles that are not easy to wear and fade

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Ceramic Drawer Handle L835

Anti-scratch Acid and Alkali Resistant Dresser Ceramic Knob

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Ceramic Drawer Handle L8072

Invisible scratch resistant ceramic drawer handle

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Ceramic Furniture Handle L828

Decorative character, smooth feel ceramic cabinet handle

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Ceramic Furniture Handle L8066

Corrosion Resistant, Colorfast Ceramic Drawer Handle

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Ceramic Furniture Handle L827

Ceramic cabinet handle with smooth feel and not easy to wear

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How to choose a ceramic handle

Ceramic handles are popular among people who are keen on the look and impression that ceramic handles can create. They can turn an ordinary piece of furniture into a creative work of art. 

The advantage of ceramic handles is their flexibility. They can be designed in a variety of shapes. You can also buy painted ceramic knobs in different colours. You can choose the colour of the ceramic kitchen knobs that perfectly matches the interior design of the room. 

As well as being visually appealing, ceramic handles are also robust and durable. They do not easily corrode or lose their quality. Despite their high strength, high-quality ceramic handles are still smooth and therefore comfortable to hold. 

You can buy ceramic handles and install them on different pieces of furniture. Ideal places include ceramic cabinet handles, ceramic cupboard handles, ceramic wardrobe handles, ceramic door handles, etc.

Installing ceramic handles for cabinets and drawers

1.Before you start the installation. The tools you will need are a measuring tool, pencil, cardboard and a drill bit. You then make a note of the drawers or cabinets in your home. Make sure you have all the tools you need to complete the project quickly.

2.The first thing you need to do is to create a template. It will serve as a guide for you to make the perfect drill bit for the hole you want to make. Use cardboard and a pencil to draw lines that reflect the centre of the drawer. Then, draw the holes on the cardboard. Place the ceramic door handle and fingerboard in the same way.

3.Next, you will need to punch the holes in the board. You will use nails to make it work. Make sure the holes are a few inches apart from the holes where you want to place the handle. Now you place the board in the centre of the drawer or cabinet. You mark the side of the cabinet to position the circuit board.

4.You place a piece of wood on the back of the drawer or cabinet. This will ensure that the rest of the cabinet is secure. Once the holes are secured, you can start drilling. Be careful when placing the drill bit to avoid accidents. You hold the drill bit firmly for a successful output. Finally, you are now ready to place the ceramic lever tap handle. Please remember that you need to be careful to place the handle safely.