Strictly Quality Control System
All material must be inspected before production by quality control department. In the process of production, will accept the inspecting from QC before turning over to next process. Before shipping, quality control department will sample the products and inspect them. More, our factory has a lab of slat spraying testing, to test products weather or not reach to the standard of 72hours of Neutral Slat Spraying Testing.
Production is according to the standard of ISO9001
The environment of production is according to the standard of ISO14001
72 hours of neutral salt spray testing - resistant
Finishing is more smooth and good tactile
Production Process
Design and Develop Mold
Design product, then develop mold, finally inspect and test it.
Die - Casting
Improving the precision and density by using 200 tons power of die casting machine, and via automatic arm clip to inspect the products, in order to prevent collision by each other.
Milling and Cutting
Deturring the workblank, precisely finishing the size, and inspecting it.
Drilling Hole and Taping
Removing the excess parts of the die casting of workblank by machining and inspecting it.
Deturring the workblank, precisely finishing the size,
and inspecting it.
( More Than 72 Hours Of Neutral Salt Spray Test)
We will spend 40 minites to electroplate 30μ of thickness of copper acid, and 35 minites electroplate 25μ of thickness of nickle Layer, to prevent the surface rusting, the products will be more smooth.
The process of sealing and baking paint will last 12 hours under 125 ℃ ~ 130℃ to resist corrosion under salt spray.
The assembly team from our factory have many years installation experience, and work carefully every day, after assembly, will inspect the products according to the standard.
According to ISO9001 quality management system. Products from our factory are tested by our factory's lab, they reach the 9 grade of netural salt spray testing.
Package of products: soft and anti-friction PV bag with anti-collision EPE bag,non-woven fabrics handles bag,bubble bag, firm inside box and big carton. You could choose the neutral or your designing on the package.
Before shipping, the department of quality controling will sample and inspect the products, then will ship them to the address from our clients.
Raw Material Characteristics
The strength of stainless steel is higher than that of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy
The melting point of zinc alloy is 385 degrees Celsius, which is much lower than that of aluminum alloy and stainless steel
Zinc alloy has good fluidity, easy fusion welding, brazing and plastic processing, and is resistant to corrosion in the atmosphere.
Product Certifications
LEADING has obtained ISO9001 Quality Certification and ISO14001 Environment Certification. And products passed the testing of 72 hour Neutral Slaty Spraying, and got the testing report from MA Organization.
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