Drawer pulls size how to choose drawer pulls maintenance methods
Drawer cabinet can be used to install a variety of household goods, but also be able to put a variety of office information, in the use of drawers will have to pull it open, pull the drawer to use the drawer handle
1. Safety and material: First of all, make sure that the door lock has high safety performance and meets relevant safety standards. At the same time, choose strong and durable materials, such as stain
What is the importance of good-looking coat hooks?
1. Beauty and decorative effect: As a part of the home, the appearance design of the coat hook directly affects the beauty of the overall home. A beautifully designed and unique coat hook not only add
Cabinet handle manufacturers tell you that the method of adding cabinet handles is to prepare the work first, measure the hole distance of the handle, determine the installation position, drill holes, and finally install the cabinet handle.
The door hinge manufacturer tells you that the door hinge adjustment methods of hardware accessories include up and down adjustment, left and right adjustment, and then relevant testing and fine-tuning. When adjusting the door hinge, please make sure to use the appropriate tools and the correct method.
How to clean furniture handles
Handle is the need for regular cleaning, because the door] handle is often touched, and people's hands sweat, oil, etc. will remain on the door handle, if not regularly cleaned, not only looks uncomfortable, and health also has some impact on the door] handle will lead to shorten the life of the handle.
Furniture handles are usually hardware installed on drawers and cabinet doors. Custom-made furniture, especially solid wood whole house custom, invisible built-in handle more, push and pull convenient, small shape design, but also no sense of incongruity. If you have children at home, you don't have to worry about them bumping or touching the handles.
What style of drawer pulls look good? The best location for the installation of drawer pulls
What style of drawer handles look good 1、Outward convex drawer handles This kind of external pull handle is the most common one kind, there are long, half dumpling type, single-headed round ball type. With the cabinet color and style of the selected pull, - generally not ugly, but want to be out of the ordinary, do not choose the conventional models, we need to have a greater sense of design.
How to install cabinet handles
How to choose the cabinet handles as an important part of the normal opening and closing of the cabinet door? how to install? All seem very important! Cabinet handles installation steps and how to choose a cabinet handles. If you don't know how to choose a cabinet handles, the following content will definitely help you.
Wardrobe is a must-have household in our lives. After we customize our wardrobe, we must consider the selection of our hardware wardrobe handle. It is true that choosing a wardrobe handle can completely affect the use and appearance of our wardrobe. Don't let your closet handles detract from the style of your entire room.
How to install the handle?
A handle must be installed on the surface of the cabinet to facilitate daily use, and there are many steps in the installation of the handle, let's take a look
In home decoration, some small issues often determine the style, quality and beauty of the entire decoration. Although hardware accessories are a small component, they also play an important role in home beautification, which cannot be ignored. If the choice is not good, the integrity of the whole house and home decoration will be greatly reduced. The handle is installed on the door, window and other furniture, and plays the role of pushing, pulling and pumping, and is convenient to switch by hand
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