Cabinet handle manufacturers tell you,how to add handles to cabinets

December 27,2023

A handle must be installed on the surface of the cabinet to facilitate daily use. There are many steps to install the handle. Below, Cabinet handle manufacturers will tell you how to install the handle.

Zinc Cabinet Drawer Handle L8207
1. Preparation work
Many tools and materials are used when installing cabinet handles, so be prepared in advance. Cabinet handle manufacturers tell you that to clean the dust on the surface of the cabinet, just wipe it with a wet towel. Once the surface is clean, it will not affect the installation of the handle.

2. Measure the hole distance of the handle
Then, measure the hole distance of the handle for installing the drawer. The measurement must be accurate, otherwise it will affect the installation of the handle and make the installation of the handle unsmooth. If the distance between the two holes is not horizontal, the handle will tilt after installation, affecting the appearance.

Aluminium Cabinet Handle L498

3. Determine the installation location
After the hole distance is measured, it is necessary to determine the installation position. This position is very important and should be determined according to the user's height. Installing the handle too high or too low will affect its use. Determine the approximate location first, and check whether it is easy to pull it with your hands. In addition to looking at your height, you also need to look at the height of the cabinet door. The higher the cabinet door, the higher the installation position. However, many cabinet doors also have positions for installing handles, and you can just install the handles directly. Cabinet handle manufacturers tell you that generally speaking, handles are installed between 1-2 inches below the cabinet door, and the position can be adjusted appropriately.

4. Drilling
After selecting the location, prepare the drilling tools and drill holes in the determined location.
Pay attention to controlling the strength when drilling to prevent the cabinet door from cracking due to excessive force during drilling. But also protect your eyes to prevent eye injuries.

5. Install cabinet handles
Finally, you can install the cabinet handle. First, align the handle with the hole spacing, then use a screwdriver to tighten the screws and fix the handle on the cabinet door. After the handle is installed, use your hands to test whether the cabinet door is easy to open and see if the handle is tightened. If there is no problem, the installation can be completed.

T Bar Aluminium Cabinet Handle L8164

When purchasing cabinet handles, you need to consider what kind of hardware to use based on the frequency of use of the cabinet, as well as the style of the handles. If the beautiful cabinet door handle is inconvenient to use, it will not give people a better experience; in addition, the selection of cabinet door handles should be based on actual craftsmanship. Be sure to carefully check whether both sides of the cabinet door handle are processed. smooth. Another point is that cabinet door handles should be installed horizontally rather than vertically, so you should also pay attention when choosing.

Ceramic Cabinet Handle L8070
Cabinet handle manufacturers tell you that the method of adding cabinet handles is to prepare the work first, measure the hole distance of the handle, determine the installation position, drill holes, and finally install the cabinet handle. Cabinet handle manufacturers remind you that it is actually very important to choose small hardware. A little imperfection can actually bring a different feeling to the entire home life. If you want to know other related information, please continue to pay attention to this website.

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