Crystal Handle

As a manufacturer of crystal furniture handles, our crystal furniture handles are strong and not easy to wear, cool and smooth to the touch, clean and simple, with a brushed surface, especially suitable for handles, mainly for interior doors, bathroom doors, wardrobes, drawers, cabinets, jewelry boxes, etc. place

Crystal Furniture Handle L8014

Crystal Diamond Wood Anti-Scratch Furniture Drawer Handle

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Crystal Furniture Handle L8153

Diamond handle cool and smooth dresser handle

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Crystal Drawer Handle L8076

Single hole electroplated finish anti-wear cabinet crystal handle

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Crystal Furniture Handle L8157

Not easy to wear, anti-scratch furniture cabinet handle

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Crystal Drawer Handle L5724

Anti-scratch, clean and simple cabinet crystal handle

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Crystal Furniture Handle L540B

Solid Rolled Blue Anti-Abrasion Wardrobe Crystal Handle

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What about crystal handles

Crystal handles are loved by consumers for their exquisite and gorgeous appearance. Crystal handles have a good self-cleaning function in the process of use, the surface of the product is clean and dense, not easy to dust pollution and many other advantages, the quality of the crystal handle long-term use without maintenance. In addition, crystal handles are characterised by their exquisite shape, noble quality, mirror-like surface, clear and smooth patterns, elegance and strong decorative qualities.

Handle matching skills

1, shoe cabinets: shoe cabinets are generally hidden at home, so do not be too eye-catching handle, pick the colour and plate close to the single-headed type handle.

 2, the entrance: this is one of the key decorative parts of the room, the entrance cabinet handle can emphasize its decorative, so the choice can be considered eye-catching and more beautiful handle. 

3, study or studio: furniture can imitate the practice of office buildings, select a simple and square handle. 

4, TV cabinet: the handle can be considered to choose with the electrical parts or TV counter stone colour, such as black, grey, dark green, sub-gold exposed handle.

 5, bathroom: bathroom cabinet door is not much, suitable for picking miniature single-headed round ball type of ceramic or plexiglass handle, its colour or material should be similar to the cabinet body