Classical Handle

As a manufacturer of Classic furniture handles, the stylish design and decoration of our Classic furniture handles can make the home more open and reasonable. The handle treated by electroplating and electrostatic spraying has the effect of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which is even more unique. The choice is not only consistent with the decoration style of the room, but the classical handle is more charming

Classical Furniture Handle L930

Semicircle light luxury furniture classical handle

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Classical Furniture Handle L9508

128mm Anti-rust Unique Furniture Classical Handle

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Classical Drawer Handle L8182

Wear-resistant, exquisite cabinet classic handle

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Classical Drawer Handle L8188

Anti-corrosion Galvanized kitchen classic handle

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Classical Drawer Handle L8197

Anti-rust, anti-wear hanging ring classic drawer handle

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Classical Furniture Handle L8138

Solid Thick Bottom Classic Cabinet Drawer Handle

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Classical Furniture Handle L8105

128mm thick bottom rustproof clothes kitchen cabinet handle

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Classical Furniture Handle L8055

Classic cabinet handles that are not easy to wear and discolor

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Classical Furniture Handle L931

Exquisite and compact, comfortable to handle, semi-circular wardrobe handle

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Classical Furniture Handle L8075

Simple and Light Luxury Zinc Alloy Drawer Handle

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classical furniture handle l8092

Colorfast anti-corrosion furniture drawer handle

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Classical Furniture Handle L8090

Corrosion Resistant, Fade-Free Classic Cabinet Handle

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What are the classical handle styles

1, Chinese antique handle: imitate the classical Chinese handle style, full of Chinese mysterious art atmosphere, low-key and not lose the nobility, tone atmosphere, never out of date. It is the perfect choice for consumers who love Chinese furniture.

2, European antique handle: European antique handle more bronze tone, not easy to oxidation, long life. European antique handle inherits the classical beauty of Europe, contains a unique artistic atmosphere, has endless charm, is a symbol of modern art and classical perfect combination.

3, Japanese antique pulls: Japanese antique pulls mainly borrowed from the ancient Japanese Yamato style art features, extremely rich in connotation and not lose its beauty, moderate, relatively simple appearance, giving people a pure experience.

4, rustic antique pulls: rustic antique pulls also accumulate modern fashion beauty and classical mysterious beauty, the perfect combination of modern and ancient, often using small fresh floral patterns to stimulate the aesthetics of consumers, so that the pull reveals a casual, tranquil rustic meaning.

Wardrobe door handle how to install

1, now on the market there are many kinds of cabinet door handle, there are hidden handle, ordinary handle, press handle, usually people will choose the ordinary cabinet door handle to install, because later as long as there is damage, but also convenient to replenish the goods. Cabinet door handle installation to prepare first tape measure and screwdriver, electric drill such installation tools, but also to prepare some small screw accessories.

2, each cabinet door handle hole handle distance are not - the same, so you need to use a tape measure to determine the distance between the hole handle, the best to be accurate, because this position determines the location of the screw hole punching.

3, first to determine the installation position of the cabinet door, and the height of the cabinet, the location of the cabinet door, generally to their height to measure, these are to be considered in advance. Then just measure the hole position of the pull handle, directly vertical than on the cabinet door plate, the last time with a marker pen to mark the hole position.

4, first with the left hand to hold the cabinet door handle, and then the handle will be aligned with the good hole position just punched, and then the small screws from the back of the cabinet door through the previously determined hole position, alignment after using a screwdriver to tighten the screws.